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Happy Tree Friends as Copyright War Fodder

Google published a Happy Tree Friends animation this week that apparantly aims to educate the unwashed heathens of the internet about copyright. For those who are too lazy to click the preceding link: the Happy Tree Friends are a bunch of lovely if not a bit moronic woodland creatures that tend to die in a rather violent and horrific way due to their own ignorance every episode of the animation series. As such they they are ideally suited to warn others of the fact that we live in a dangerous world. The educational value of the animation called “Copyright School” remains a bit of a puzzle though. Did Google really intend to placate the ravenous dinosaurs of Big Content? Or is it a tongue-in-cheek joke about copyright being entirely unfit for today’s day and age? It left me puzzled about what, according to the animation, is permitted to do and what is not. The only thing I learned was that one should not juggle piranhas, but that part is also called common sense. See for yourself:

Copyright School on YouTube